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In May 2012, we were interviewed by and featured on the Nationals homepage. The video includes a highlight from The Shark's game tying home run from our first game in the hoods. 

We gave a live interview on air during a game against the Miami Marlins on Fox Sports Florida. It was fun to be one of those quirky in-game stories and have another opportunity to tell our story. 

We were spotted by the cameras of FSN Arizona during a Diamondbacks game and Mark Grace and the TV crew talked about us for a few batters and the sideline reporter explained The Shark nickname on the air.

By the end of the 2012 season, when Bernadina made a clutch hit or amazing catch, the whole stadium would do the Shark Chomp.

Nationals Radio

Nationals radio announcers Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler call Roger Bernadina "The Shark" for the first time.

Charlie and Dave discovered the blog and share some chuckles while reading it live on air.

The following day, they interviewed Bernadina before the game and asked him what he thought about the nickname. Fast forward to the 4:08 mark to hear him talk about us and our blog!

Other Radio

Early in the 2012 season, we gave a lengthy interview on Matt Dahl Radio about The Shark and the Nats hot start to the season.

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