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The Blog

In February 2010, we launched our incredibly successful blog called "Street Shark: Roger Bernadina's Unofficial Blog." It was a horrible title that made absolutely no sense and we soon changed it to Sharkadina, possibly the coolest word invented since the mighty megalodon swam the ocean.Our blog became known for terrible photoshops of actual sharks eating opposing team's players, Chuck Norris like Shark Facts  ("San Jose named their hockey team the Sharks because Bernadina had a layover there once"), and an obsessively optimistic commentary on Roger Bernadina. 


While the we worked on our blogging skills, we continued to go to games wearing the Shark hoods and spreading the word at the stadium. After a game In June 2011, we actually went down near the clubhouse and got to meet The Shark himself!

In person, Roger Bernadina is the nicest person you will ever meet. He is always smiling and so humble. He loves the nickname and the blog and was kind enough to give us two autographed game-used bats.

- Sharkadina, June 2011

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