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The Washington Post

We couldn't believe how lucky we were and how popular the Shark nickname was getting. Our biggest break came at the of June 2011 when Washington Post blogger and all around great guy Dan Steinberg heard about us and interviewed us for the Post. The article was not only published on his blog, but made it into the sports section of the July 1, 2011 print edition, leading to a whole new wave of Shark fans.


His article, How Roger Bernadina became The Shark is a totally honest, behind the scenes look into the creation of the nickname.

“We had the costumes, but it’s really because the way he hunts down fly balls looks like a shark hunting his prey,” Tyler told me this week. “He was the logical candidate.”

“Plus, we both love sharks,” Terry added.

“Everybody loves sharks,” Tyler agreed.

- Washington Post, June 30, 2011

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