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In early 2013, we received word that the Washington National's Single A affiliate, the Potomac Nationals would be giving away a special item that year. They were calling it a "Roger Bernadina Shark-a-rine." It is basically what it sounds like, a half-man, half-shark figurine.


We did not suggest this giveaway, the Potomac Nationals created it on their own based solely on the popularity of the nickname. This quickly made the rounds on twitter, with many Nats declaring that they must have the one-of-a-kind "Shark-a-rine."This giveaway was so unique that it was  picked up by national media and featured in The Washington Post and USA Today with the cleverly titled article: Half of Roger Bernadina to be commemorated in giveaway.

"Two Nats fans gave him the nickname in 2010, then made up some hats and t-shirts and built a whole website about it. And why not? It's a strong nickname, far more clever than the standard shortened-name convention now unfortunately favored by fans and media everywhere –"R-Bern" or whatever."

- USA TODAY, February 7, 2013

We reached out to the Potomac Nationals and they asked us to throw out the first pitch at the game and even included us in the shark pun filled press releases about the giveaway they published before and after the game.


According to their release, over 6,000 fans showed up to the game that night and started lining up over three hours early just for a chance at one of the 1,000 Shark-a-rines.

"Paying credence to the original Washington Nationals fan duo that are responsible for the inception of Roger Bernadina's nickname, the "Sharkadina" crew of Terry and Tyler will be throwing out ceremonial first pitches at The Pfitz on the night of the Shark-A-rine giveaway."

- Potomac Nationals, August 2013

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